Facing The Future

Facing the Future is an international leader whose mission is to create tools for educators that equip and motivate students to develop critical thinking skills, build global awareness, and engage in positive solutions for a sustainable future. This resource is a workbook - Engaging Students through Global Issues.

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Creative Change

This is a great curriculum resource for teachers (2011), combining all educational disciplines and audiences with a common theme of sustainability and social equity. This resource offer holistic education that understands the need to retell the story of our history and humanity from the perspective of environmental sustainability and conscientious social behavior.

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Start teaching your students about wind energy with the help of these free and easy to download lessons, PowerPoint presentations, and short videos. Here you will also find WindWise, a comprehensive and interdisciplinary wind energy curriculum for middle and high school. Kidwind also offer free online competitions for kids.

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The Children’s University of Manchester

The Children's University of Manchester offers the wider community, and particularly primary schools, access to free pioneering research activities, and teaching and learning practices. Resources include online interactive learning materials for use on whiteboards or PCs, video clips which will bring the University to your desktop, downloadable resources and educational games.

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Solar Schools

This resource provides an overview and access to a number of learning resources and their curriculum links meant for different school levels. The idea is to utilise technology readily accepted by students today to stimulate interest in energy education through the use of the real-time data in classroom analysis.

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